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Make money with your Tumblr

We have created a simple to use plugin for your Tumblrs that will display profile thumbnails in your sidebar and automatically include your CCbill affiliate ID so that you earn money from every membership purchase you push to the site!

  1. Use the Webmaster Signup form above to sign up as an affiliate with CCbill
  2. Log into your tumblr account
  3. Go to Tumblr Template editor
    • Click on Account Menu
    • Select Edit Appearance
    • Click on Website Theme / Edit Theme
    • Click on Custom Theme / Edit HTML
  4. Confirm template uses jQuery (needed for Plugin)
    • In HTML editor, click on the Settings icon
    • Select Find and Replace
    • Search for: jquery
    • If jquery is found it should already be installed, so skip next step
    • If jquery is not found
      • Add this line between the <head> and </head> tags:
        <script src="//"></script>
    • Add the plugin
      • Near the end of the HTML, just before the </body> tag, add this line to include the Tumblr plugin:
        <script src="">
      • Replace the XXXXXX in the included line with your CCbill affiliate ID
  5. That's it! Just sit back and earn $$$ from every sale your traffic generates!